Places of Interest


This is the historical place of SHAJAPUR. SHAJAPUR is situated on the AGRA-BOMBAY ROAD and also on the bank of the river CHILLER.RAJRAJESHWARI MATA MANDIR is situated on the bank of the river CHILER on west.According to ancient history ,300 years ago in 1781 MANIBAI PALTAN has donated the 4 BHIGA 2 BISAVA .IN 1791 TARABAI has donated 4106/- rupees to the construction of this mandir. Height of the MURTI is about 6 feet.SABHA MANDAP which is infront mandir is established in 1734. In that mandir murtis of RIDDHI-SIDDHI ANd GANPATI ARE also there.One well is the area of this mandir .DHARMSALA is also established by BHAKTAS. This mandir is the center of ASTHA.


It is 10 km away from the shajapur . This mandir is also known as KANKAVATI MATA. KAREDI MATA MANDIR is the main worship place of MALWA. This mandir was established by the king KARNA of mahabharata time . On The shoulder of the mata,there is JALKUND,which is totally full of water everytime. Number of deovtees come to KAREDI MATA from different places. .Marks of SNAKE are also present on the murtis. MELAS are organised here on tuesday during RANGAPANCHAMI. MAHADEO MANDIR is also here,which is above this mandir. CHAMPAS tree is in fornt of this mandir. The “naga chinha” can be found here on several idols which is the indications of Naga Vanshi dynesty .


This is one of the famous mandir in INDIA. This mandirs area is equal to the half the area of maksi Mandirs of the panth DIGAMBER-SHWETAMBER as well as VAISHANAVI DEVI are in maksi.In main mandir there is murti of PARSHAVNATH BHAGWAN There are two panths of jain community namely SHWETAMBAR AND DIGAMBAR Jain teerth place is about 2000 years old. All the walls of the mandir are wet .It is siad that in the area of this mandir theft is impossible.