Kans Vdhotsav Shajapur
  • Celebrated on/during: November
  • Significance:

    KANS VADOTSAV has been celebrated here for more than 150 years. Peoples show the huge enthusiasum in SOMWARIA BAJAR for the role of KANS VADOTSAV. This is a drama of religious and historical importance. people celebrate KANS VADOTSAV in shajapur on the occasion of DASHMI night. After Mathura it is celebrated in Shajapur,Madhyapradesh. It is said that the history of KANS VADOTSAV is related to GOVARDHANNATH MANDIR. First this KANS VADOTSAV is known by the name of KANS LEELA. This festival is observed by the head of mandir late MOTILAL MEHTA in MATHURA. KANS VANDOTAV is story of strange and proud of shajapur. IN KANS VADOTSAV people plays the roles of BHAGWAN SHRIKRISHNA and soldiers. They asks for tracter-trailley and roames in the city.SHI KRISHNA BHAGWAN and their soldiers Quarles(VAD-SAWAND) in the local square bajar and peoples watches with the concentration. JULUS(CROWD) reaches KANS SQUARE sharp at 12 midnight.